Fabiola Giancotti

from the writings of Armando Verdiglione
pp. 1,280, Euro 500

The Second Renaissance 2001

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The science of the word, its logic, its structure, its cipher

Roughly six thousand terms – six million characters – and their historical development since 1973, the year in which linguistic research in ciphermatics began to take definite and written form. Ciphermatics identifies five logics: relation, point, function, operation and dimensions.

Alongside mathematics, philosophy, theology, semiotics, psychoanalysis, art and twentieth-century culture, ciphermatics – the science of the word that becomes quality – is the inaugural science of the twenty-first century.

The texts of the dictionary are drawn from the writings of Armando Verdiglione: roughly thirty thousand pages of books, articles and lectures, both published and unpublished. Each term, essential to the logic of the word in the hypertextual map of the dictionary, is defined, and its function in ciphermatics indicated. In addition, its philological, scientific and clinical aspects are also explored. The bibliographical source of each quotation is given and the order in which these are presented is chronological. This is the third edition of the dictionary, which was first published in 1993.

The diagrams of the five logics, drawn by Armando Verdigione himself and included as separate illustrations, are extremely useful.

The DICTIONARY OF NAMES concerns many authors quoted and studied by Verdiglione, whose writings and Verdiglione’s reading of them are essential to the theory and practice of ciphermatics (such as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli, St. Augustine and St. Charles Borromeo).